Snapshots from Indigo, Istanbul


Das letzte mal zu viert in Istanbul waren wir vor relativ genau einem Jahr, damals zum wunderbaren langen Wochenende im Kasette Tomtom. Diesmal war es ein Dienstag, da am Mittwoch Nationalfeiertag war. Im Indigo wurde unsere Bekanntschaft mit Istanbul nun gekrönt. Wir danken herzlich. Içten teşekkürler!

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Turn on, tune in – Keinemusik is taking over the airwaves on Saturday

Another excessive Five Tour-weekend lies ahead, but thanks to the invention of tape recording, it will be a weekend of excessive Radio-entertainment as well. Both, Rampa & David and Adam & Reznik have been hanging out in broadcast-boothes recently. The results will be aired at these dates:

Rampa & David Mayer @ Clubsandwich on Saturday, November 1st, beginning 9 pm.

Adam Port & Reznik @ Big Weekend on Saturday, November 1st, beginning 10 pm.

So you might want to crossfade from time to time. We want the airwaves!

Weekend Snapshots from Rocker 33 (Exil) Stuttgart


Unfortunately Rocker 33 does not exist anymore the way it did. Instead it’s called Rocker in exile. The party took place in the Wagenhalle. Once again we partyed long and hard. Thank you Stuttgart! Always a pleasure. Hope Rocker 33 finds a place for it’s own again soon!

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