Workparty Five (KM025) OUT SOON


The first quarter on the way to the hundredth release is almost accomplished! November 17th marks the release of catalogue number KM025, traditionally also known as the next Workparty. Just when it comes to the tracks, you’ll find a couple of surprises on there, but as it is an anniversary, it also needed to look particularly pretty. So it will come out on double vinyl, wrapped in a classic gatefold cover. Monja has been pulling all nighters, to make this a record that will shine at least five times as much out of your recordcase.

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David’s Pick Of The Week

Since it came out in August I’ve played this one every now and then, first time at Sonus and also the last weekend… perfect tune.

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Tour Weekend AT, NL, BE Snapshots Pt. 1


What a weekend! Here is part one of our snapshots this week: The furious start at Pratersauna Vienna, the long Amsterdam Dance Event x Watergate at Studio 80 and the perfect weekend closing with Søndag in Hulste, Belgium… thanks to you all!

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