Just in: The Keinemusik Handtuch

Keinetuch Digital 2

Don’t get confused. The summer is coming. For real! To be prepared for all sorts of seasonal situations (occupy beach chairs, take a sun bath, take a real bath, swing something through the air while a hiphop jam is playing etc.), we just launched the Keinemusik beach towel. In all purpose size of 90 x 160 cm, you can also build a comfy beach bed out of it. The colorful artwork comes from Monja Gentschow, obviously. Now available in our shop.

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Audiojack – Luna (David Mayer Remix) // OUT NOW

The newest Release on GRUUV is out today. The remix EP consists of three remixes of the last EP of the GRUUV labelheads Audiojack.

Besides the contributions of DJ W!ld and Brett Johnson, there is a reinterpretation of “Luna” by David Mayer.

All of this is available just a few clicks away from here on iTunes and Beatport.

Your label needs you!


The uncertain future of Stattbad lets us no other choice than looking for new spaces for our studios and office. If you know of any spaces in Berlin fitting the requirements, please let us know. We are looking for spaces of at least 120 square meters with at least 4 studio/office-apt rooms. Any ideas or suggestions, please mail them to reznik@keinemusik.com. Any hints are appreciated. Thanks!

Keinemusik Radio Show mixed by Adam Port

Keinemusik-Radio-Show-by-Adam-Port-22.05.2015 COVER 2

A long weekend has just started. The need for an extra substantial radio show is obvious. You can count on Mr. Port for that matter, who just handed in this mix that is bangin’ in the truest sense of the word.

Exclusive: Adam Port’s Free Stattbad Dub of “I Never Wear Black” plus some thoughts about what is going on

As an exclusive addition to his “I Never Wear Black EP”, Adam Port just finished the “Free Stattbad Dub” version of the original. You can listen above and get it here.

While floating adrift in this delay-drenched groove, we indeed feel a melancholy that’s induced by the choice of the title. The current incident around Stattbad should be well known by now. If not, read about it here. We call the Stattbad our home. No matter how this ongoing process will turn out, no matter if we can stay here or for how long. Just the imagination, not running into the crew of the house in Stattbar and having a fresh juice with them or two or never again going down to the basement on wednesdays, seeing what the boiler room has to offer or never again playing one of their floors ourself ever again, makes us tremendously sad.