Adam’s Pick Of The Week

Ever since the breakdown of Facebook due to their filter-workaround, SoundCloud became more and more important to me for following artists and finding new music. Amongst others, the channel of Boiler Room is good to discover new sound. This time Eska caught my attention. When the voice comes in at 0:22 I’m always getting goosebumps.

Adam’s Pick Of The Week

Good Guy Mikesh is back on one of my favorite lables! “Standing” is my #1 track on this ep till now and the people on the dancfloor are loving it.

Adam at Sammlung Boros


When I think of the bunker, I think of Tanith dressed in camouflage, the Fuck Parade, and me, who had no further interest in techno at that time, while lots of my friends ran to the bunker to rave on 130bpm techno.

That’s why it is so interesting to finally see this location from inside.

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