Wir lieben Frauen. Wir lieben Fräulein!

After the high end car and fashion magazine Intersection our friends over at the Off Ones Rocker Publishing house are going to put out the tasty and stylish new womens fashion magazine Fräulein. With stories about Peaches, Janelle Monae, Cyndi Lauper and our very own Adam Port.

Visit Fräulein on Facebook for presscoverage and a first look on the beautiful layout. KLICK HERE.

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Adam Port in Rom


The weekend is hardly over and the next weekend is up already! Well, almost. This time the party starts a little bit earlier for me. On Wednesday I will be playing in Rome at the “Reset Lab” opening party of the Rashomon Club!! The feedback from Italy on my music has always been quite strong, and so I’m very happy to be playing there. Furthermore, my Rockets and Ponies labelhomie Alex Dolby lives there, so after all our skyping activities we’ve finally got the chance to meet up in reality! The weather forecast predicts 20° – Goodbye Deutschland, I’d say!!

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Adam Port & Shandy Mandies in Augsburg


Some days ago I was playing the beautiful city of Augsburg. Best thing about it, I was joined by my homies Shandy Mandies from Leipzig (remember the vocals in “No Pain”?)!! The night was awesome. We were playing the Heavy Metal ABC backstage right before going on stage, hitting the chords. After some rocking with the Shandies, my set was on. Lights, camera, ACTION!

Many thanks to Timo and friends who hit the road to party with us.

Pics by Hannes Fass.

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Adam & Tiefschwarz @ Fabric London

3b-fabric booth

Sooo! Here we go! Just like promised on Monday, we’ll continue with mine and Tiefschwarz’s show at Fabric. Playing on the same night were Martin Buttrich, D’Julz, Arnaud Le Texier, Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Craig Richards and many more… Having arrived in London we got picked up by Ali, the probably coolest driver in town, who brought us to the hotel. Due to the papal visit and the attended attack (which was then being prevented) the city was blocked, so it took some 2 hours before we arrived at our point of destination. From there on everything happened really fast – An hour of rest, artist dinner – and then I suddenly stood in room 1 at Fabric! 1, 2, 3, Techno.

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Adam Port & Tiefschwarz at Robert Johnson Pics

1.plane tegel

What a night!!! I knew that the partys at Robert Johnson are generally over the top, but it’s a different thing to experience it oneself! On Friday me and Tiefschwarz were heading for Frankfurt. First we chilled out a bit at Villa Kennedy. Then off to the club, with a little side trip to Ata’s cafe, celebrating its inofficial opening party. Having arrived at Johnson, it quickly filled up and the train was ready to roll! Coming in for a visit were some old friends such as Butch, Christian Burkhardt and Einzelkind. After a short night we turned back to the airport, accompanied by this crazy biker! After we had got something to eat at the HON lounge we hopped on a Panamera to get chaffeured to the plain (Ahhh… it can be so nice living the life of a DJ!) Since Basti was feeling ill and had pushed himself through all night long, he decided to return to Berlin…

Next stop: fabric, London. Post coming up soon :)

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  1. Adam: Hehehe... Wohl wahr! :) ...
  2. Rampa: hah der Biker is echt ein Genie...wieviel Zeug der da ran gemacht hat...das is kein Fahrzeug, das is nen Vielzeug. geil! ...