David Mayer Keinemusik

Crossing borders is a familiar experience to David Mayer. Though being born in south Germany, he spent most of his youth living in Norway and (for a change) in Lanzarote, before Berlin happened to become his home in 2004. As a part of the Keinemusik-family from day one, his like-mindedness with fellow crewmembers Rampa, &ME, Adam Port and Reznik has shown in his DJ-sets and productions. And with Terranova, there is another close, mutually respected and biographically substantial act, David Mayer crafted several remixes for.

As he prefers thinking outside the box, Mayer has always been equally interested in listening to and experimenting with diverse forms of music, no matter what musical genre they derive from, although his passion for funked up and heavily pounding 4/4 beats clearly dominates his creative output. Key-tracks like “Fortune”, “Word Is Bond”, “Celsius” and “Sunhole” as much as everything else, Mayer has laid his hands on as a producer, is characterized by an intriguing knack for detail and precise sound design. Both, when spinning records and producing tracks, he is presenting his own interpretation of catchyness, mixing up Techno and House, adding a little deepness, but always keeping an eye on making his audience shake some.

His dedication formally found its way into several musical excursions as a ghost-/coproducer or audio engineer, before the debut was set on keinemusik in 2009. Only leaving his desk in order to indulge some serious clubbing, this guy knows about priorities. With a solid and seriously buzzing stream of output under his belt, it is always of interest, what David Mayer is up for next.

David Mayer – Nacktenordner EP (Keinemusik) – 2009
David Mayer – Ball (Keinemusik) – 2010
David Mayer – Crime (Keinemusik) – 2010
David Mayer – Blank Sheets (Keinemusik) – 2011
David Mayer – Fortune EP (Paso Music) – 2011
David Mayer – Moment/Word Is Bond (Keinemusik) – 2011
David Mayer – Jewels (Keinemusik) – 2012
David Mayer – Celsius (Keinemusik) – 2012
David Mayer – Machinedrum Calypso (Keinemusik) – 2013
David Mayer – Sunhole/Lead (Keinemusik KM021) – 2014
David Mayer – Werkzeug Eins – Samplepack (Keinemusik) – 2014
David Mayer – Smoke (Keinemusik KM025) – 2014
David Mayer – Burn/Helios (Gruuv) – 2015
David Mayer – Jaded/Bold feat. Sooma (Keinemusik KM030) – 2015
David Mayer x NGHT DRPS – Follow/Now Loading (Audiomatique) – 2016
David Mayer x Sebastian Voigt – Voyage One (Watergate Records) – 2016

Steed Lord – You – Keinemusik Remix (Get Physical) – 2009
Jessica 6 – Fun Girl – Keinemusik Remix (Midnight Sun Sound) – 2009
Santé & Rampa – Aura – David Mayer Remix (Souvenir Music) – 2009
Matador – Handbagass – David Mayer Remix (Trapez) – 2011
Marc Miroir – Disco Nap – David Mayer Remix (Paso Music) – 2011
Terranova – I Want To Go Out – David Mayer Remix (Kompakt) – 2012
Terranova – Painkiller – David Mayer Remix (Kompakt) – 2013
Moby – The Last Day – David Mayer Remix (Little Idiot) – 2014
Adam Port – Shifter – David Mayer Reshift (Keinemusik) – 2014
Rampa – Mod – David Mayer Remix (Keinemusik) – 2014
Terranova – Tourette – David Mayer Remix (Kompakt) – 2015
Audiojack – Luna – David Mayer Remix (Gruuv) – 2015
Matrixxman – Sigil – David Mayer Remix (Kraftek) – 2015
Hunzed & Harvey – Cala Salada – David Mayer Remix (Terminal M) – 2015
Nico Stojan – Blue Hour feat. Jaw – David Mayer Remix (URSL) – 2016