Adam Port Interview @ Fairtilizer

What’s your mix about?

The collaboration with DJ Baggs came to life because of the friendship of two DJs who are in love with techno music. With him being from Jamaica and me born in Poland the name of the mix came up easily, even before knowning in which direction the mix would go. Polish Jamaica is a symbiosis of both our ideas of today’s house x techno x minimal.

What are you up to currently?

My upcoming projets are producing another single and continuing to connect the three worlds I live in. These three worlds are music x straight edge x fashion. And of course to play as many shows as possible to hear the joyful screaming crowds. Berlin Techno City is calling!!!!!! POW!

How’s the scene in Berlin, what are the best artists and clubs over there?

The scene is of the hook mate!! A lot of nice people, good music and a great club culture. We have a lot of cool clubs in Techno City. Panorama Bar, Watergate, Villa, Picknick, Bar25, Goldengate, Cookies, Club der Visionaere, Ritter Butzke and, and, and… During the summer are a lot of illegal open airs with 1000 peoples and more. The techno heads are well connected. Berlin has a club for every kind of mood and for every style of techno music. Check your mood. Choose a party. Rave hard. 125bpm till infinity! In my opinion Berlin is “the place to be” right now. Best artists….Hmmmm…I think I’m not bad.

What artists in general are you into right now?

MAVADO!! ANYWAYYYYY!! But let’s get back to techno-bizness. I am more fixed on labels than on artists. 8bit and Cecille Records are very cool right now! I’m buying nearly every release from them. Mobile (”Sebo K – Diva” is sooo fucking dope!! Pullll uppp!!), Get Physical, Minus are still hot too…Oslo, Trapez, Stil vor Talent, Desolat, Mental Groove, Opossum, Mojuba, Candenza, Kindisch. Perplex….Love em all.

What kind of stuff do you post on your blog?

Parts of my life. Things that are connected to me. More or less…

5 albums you can’t live without?

Shelter – Attaining The Supreme
108 – Songs of Separation
Falling Forward – Hand Me Down
Earth Crisis – Destroy The Machines
Project X -Straight Edge Revenge

All of them are hardcore albums, cause this music changed my life.

5 best clothing brands?

Right now? Stussy, Dior Homme, Vans, Botega Venetta, Original Fake.

How important is the internet for you?

Very important! This is often the first and the last thing in my day and most of the informations that are important for me are published in the web. New music, new gear, new trends, partys or my own propaganda…

How do you see the internet evolve in the next few years?

I think the WWWeb is the future of tv and music bizness. Nearly everthing will happen there.