The Making of Werkzeug Eins by David Mayer – Video

The first keinemusik Samplepack is completed and now exclusively available at our KM Shop. All sounds were handcrafted by use of analogue gear or recorded live in the booth, before becoming edited and finalized. The core sounds emerged from modular systems and the collection was designed by David Mayer to correspond directly with his personal preferences when making music. That is why the main focus lies on percussive, rough single-shots on one hand and hi-top- and minimal percussion loops on the other. The aim was to crate a library of characteristic sounds that give a different perspective in order to provide some new inspiration.

The project was started at the beginning of 2014. To start with, our long time KM affiliate and friend Marcel NGHT DRPS Kussel was asked if he could help out with some of the work. In the end, most of the recording took place at his NOIZU studio. Thanks for that! The value of this cooperation is priceless. Also Benjamin (TEILE / KOMA) and Sebastian Voigt are thanked for providing their equipment respectively studio places.

Along the way, some pictures and videos were shot, documenting the proces, nothing of which is to be held back from you. We are happy to herewith present to you the ‘making of’ Werkzeug Eins by David Mayer. Enjoy!

The samplepack can be purchased here: For the studio report in pictures:

2014-03-26 15.41.24

The DDA console used during the recording process of most of the sounds


2014-04-18 03.11.38

The modular system at the NOIZU studio. It ran for endless hours and is responsible for 80% of the modular sounds in the library


2014-06-26 12.45.36

Sebastian’s modular System


2014-06-27 14.19.09-2 2014-06-27 16.35.27

Most of the shakersounds were not created by the use of any particular instruments


2014-06-27 16.37.42

Some of the shaker-ingredients: Chickpeas, Cofeebeans, Lenses… e.g. filled in a Kazoo kartridge or in metal and porcellain cups = music!


2014-07-02 18.40.25 2014-07-03 14.00.17

The studio door


2014-07-03 14.39.03

Planning the next step


2014-07-03 15.17.17-1

A rhythm sheet with tertiary figures #notapercussionist


2014-07-03 16.04.06 2014-07-04 17.04.57

Recording Handdrums


2014-07-25 15.04.53

Perfect studio snack


2014-07-22 22.41.36

Night shift



Unprocessed samples, ready to become finalized



In the master session, the sounds and loops were randomly arranged in tracks in order to become finalized, EQ’d, leveled, compressed…



Editing samples in detail


2014-07-05 17.54.36-1